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Friday, April 24, 2015

Reading is Fundamental

Reading is fundamental. Or reading is fun.  That was something we were always told as a child. Well one thing for sure it is fundamental to our clarity. Because it supports our mental structure or function of our brain in actuality. Its through reading that we keep building  ourselves up or become aware. We continue to learn, absorb, share, explore through this channel.  Reading forces our brain to continue to function normally. When we read we exercise the muscle of our brain. Because we use it. As we age, everything slows down unless we continue to use it. It is a very easy exercise we can do on a daily basis (and from sitting). It is the only real naturally legitimate exercise from sitting. It will help to keep us extraordinary people sharp, alert and  mentally healthy.  In today's technological advances, many things are taken away. The  things that made us move our bodies. For instance a walk to the mail box. Now we have email that eliminates that physical exercise.  Or for years now, the t.v. and the remote control, we no longer have to get up to change the channel. What a convenience! But what are the draw backs?  We need to become more aware of the things we are receiving versus the things that are being taken away. Even reading has changed through technology, we can now click a button on the computer and things are read to us. Movement is life! So when we read, we move our brains in a sense. Yes we exercise it. Mentally speaking , that's huge. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog. In it I put things I think about and have come to know through personal experience or through the experience of others. I was told a long time ago by someone whom I thought to be a very wise person, to never stop reading. Ahh, but the eyesight soon  starts to fail us and we have to  take out those visual aids, what ever they are . So be it! Without this fundamental activity, where would mankind be? Think about the importance of being an active reader for our entire life.  It closes the gap of every space of boredom, every sleepless night. Oh did I mention a loyal companion?! So many benefits come from reading.  So to continue to thrive mentally and at the same time derive a real pleasure, Read On!!!!!