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Sunday, April 26, 2015

They Got Game!!!

Hello Extraordinary Friends,  this one is about never stop doing or being involved in whatever it is you love to do.  In this entertaining video, we find an extraordinary person by the name of Uncle Drew and his partner. Doing what they love most, playing basketball. And from the looks of it, much better than their much younger counterparts. It's amazing how young people watch and observe our example and are really impressed by some of what we really can do if we keep our mind to it. Staying active and involved is so important.  We may move from the front line, but the sideline line is always there. This is where the real mentoring comes in. When circumstances prevent us from playing the role we used to play in anything, we can teach and observe from the sideline.  I find the funny thing about growing older is that the same thinking and wishes and desires I had at sixteen are still present with me.  Those things don't ever really leave us, we leave them. Society has us somehow thinking that we are too old now to pursue certain things. We have to remember that we are never too old for nothing as long as we are willing and able to do it.  It's true we make mature sensible choices but we should never stop doing what it is we love or in some way being involved in it. It will keep us alive and moving forward. The saying is true, the older we get the better we get! It's just too bad that we didn't have the knowledge and the insight we have today forty years ago. Boy what a life that would have been, rather than wishful thinking!!! So like dear old Uncle Drew let's keep what ever it is we love to do on  the forefront. We will be so much happier we did !!          PS: Read Below!

OK, OK- Uncle Drew is really a young man just pretending to be an extraordinary person. But from the video you could tell. It was for your entertainment, hope you enjoyed it! But just to show the length some will go thru to appear to be extraordinary people. Everyone want to be extraordinary. We are often imitated but never duplicated!  But the rest is true. So like stated earlier keep doing what you love!!!