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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Before Extraordinary

I think often when I write my blogs if  I have people out there who are not yet over fifty and extraordinary in my viewing audience. There are so many things to learn in life. And the sooner we learn something in life the longer we can benefit from it as we live.  But as the saying goes better late than never.  I do wish I had extraordinary thinking at least twenty five years ago.  It had been instilled in me, the thinking that is, but I didn't take hold of it as well as I should have. I have no regrets tho. I have seen and learned a lot.  But I would encourage others to listen to the advice that comes from people who have lived longer than they have, (the extraordinary one's) in spite of the mistakes some have made in their life. Truly an extraordinary person who could take mistakes from their own life experience and turn them around to putting others on a positive  path and a much straighter one. The thinking should not be, you didn't do it yourself so why are you telling me? That's the kind of thinking that needs adjustments. So many things we were not mindful of in our twenties. I tell my young and I quote:" Don't be smart, because smart people learn from their own mistakes, but instead be brilliant, because brilliant people learn from the mistakes of others(end)". Wouldn't it be amazing to teach our young brilliance and they actually learn it? Of course it would.  What is it that you could think of now that you wish you were aware of in your twenties? I know I could think of a lot, because hindsight is 20/20 but the future remains a mystery. But the most important thing is the lessons we have learned and benefited from. Also to share of them with others. Listening one of the hardest things for people in general to do. It's human nature not to. My best advice to any who have not yet reached over fifty and extraordinary or before extraordinary would be to listen and learn. Live an extraordinary life long before you reach it. Even extraordinary people have setbacks. Adjustments have to be made and we have to begin again. We do have the advantage of having the knowledge that has been fed into us over the last few decades. So may we both extraordinary and before extraordinary folks continue to make smart choices.  It's the choices we make that results in  the way our life will turn out to be.