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Friday, May 1, 2015


Have you ever stopped and really looked at a beautiful garden? I've found that some of the most beautiful photographs taken are up close pictures of beautiful flowers, perhaps with an insect, a dragonfly or butterfly sitting on the top of it. The variety of colors, and the arrangement of them can really leave you speechless. The smell of the scented flowers, say perhaps a rose garden, or one blooming jasmine.  Centuries ago the hanging  gardens of Babylon went down in history as the most magnificent gardens ever. I can only imagine the beauty of those gardens of babel. They must have been truly a sight to see. The people who work or build such tranquil places of beauty whether it be a private home or otherwise are to be commended for the artistry and hard work. The making and the cultivating of them takes perseverance  and determination, and a lot of hard dirty work on a routine daily basis. It cant be overlooked. If a gardener neglects his or her garden, weeds began to grow almost immediately. With them the beauty will fade. The return you get from gardening is rewarding. Not just the beauty of it. Something far more wonderful. What you ask? Longevity! Yes, gardening promotes longevity. Studies show that people who work diligently in their yards or gardens  are healthier happier and live longer. Gardening is good therapy for us extraordinary people. It's relaxing and relieves stress. It fills a void in our lives after the kids are grown and gone. That need of taking care of something on a daily basis makes us feel needed. A natural human desire. Without us the garden would not survive. It lowers blood pressure and gives a overall feeling of satisfaction. And the end result,  it yields beauty and perfection. I've always admired a beautiful garden that's fluttering with humming birds. A true gift of nature. The feeling can be compared to being at the ocean and listening to the sounds of the water. So peaceful and calming. I never thought about gardening before, but I'm seriously thinking about it now.  I remember my mother once told me, when I complained about not getting flower's. Then plant your own garden instead of waiting for someone to send you flower's. That was good advice, although not appreciated at the time, I  do now. The next time you see or pass a beautiful garden, stop and smell the rose's and think about the benefits you  could get personally from growing your own.