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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Serving Dinner

Dinner , that most important meal of the day! Do you have plans for dinner? Whats for dinner? When will dinner be ready?  These are commonly asked questions as well as frequently asked on a daily basis. This is the meal of the day that is usually given more forethought and planning than any other meal. We want it to have the most flavor, appeal and to be the most satisfying. To be attractive as possible. We even want to spend it with the most important people. Dinner has never been fun eating alone. We want to make sure that our dinner companions enjoy it as much as we do.  We go out of our way to try to make sure that what ever is being offered will be welcomed and accepted. And generally as a rule, none of us want to miss or skip dinner.  It's to be the most anticipated and looked forward to meal of the day.  Now you may ask, what does dinner have to do with being over fifty and extraordinary? Well today in my blog, I decided to use dinner as an analogy to life.  Yes, comparing dinner to our lives. How will you serve it, hot or cold? What will be our main course ? How we will live it. What we will offer others? How good we will be?  How attractive or appealing we will be?  How  will people  receive us? Will they think we are good and come back for more?  A lot to be considered whether you are serving dinner or just living your life. You can say that once we are over fifty and extraordinary, we are kinda like in the dinner of our lives. We want to make this the best portion ever.  This is the main course. Our decisive actions will determine how good it will be. We have learned a lot. Enough to make ourselves appealing and desirable in society to others. And daily, how we live, choices we make if we are gonna truly benefit from them must be well thought out. In this way we could live well.  On a continued basis planning is vital. Our dinner guest are not the only ones who benefit or enjoy the good meal. We ourselves enjoy it just as much sometimes better. The things we add to it are likened to deserts.  It's all good. When dinner is well served every person who shares in that meal appreciates it. So as extraordinary people who are now in the dinner of our lives,(figuratively speaking) make it five stars and let's serve up something good.  Dinner Anyone?  Lets make it a dinner party say yes and  thank you to the best  one ever!