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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Laughter, Truly The Best Medicine

Laughter emotionally speaking means happy. Why is laughter so important? Not only in life now but always. Laughter is like an inner massage. Yes it massages our insides the same way  a masseuse does the  outside of our bodies and oh how good that feels!  Those who remember a while back  the  magazine Reader's Digest used to publish a section called laughter is the best medicine.  I remember how I looked forward to reading that section.  It was filled with many short amusing and humorous stories, another magazine has a section published monthly called strictly for laughs. Laughter does so much for the mind and the spirit, it actually heals the ailing inside. Studies have shown that when people are healing or recuperating from a sickness or setback back, that laughter is good therapy it actually aides in the healing process.  The thing about having a good laugh is that, when you are laughing, you are not thinking about absolutely anything else, no stress, no worry, no problem. Only the thing that is causing your laughter. For a moment, very temporary you kinda let things go  and afterward you feel good. It actually lifts your spirits.  It's very therapeutic. When was the last time you really laughed?  Was it at movie or a person ? Some people are so funny, just the thought of their name will bring a smile and we love to be entertained by them. I think laughter is a gift. It's natures way of saying at the moment that everything is good. I think that everybody should do more of it especially us over 50 and extraordinary people.  So my friends if we find ourselves feeling down for any reason, take a walk on the funny side. Yeah pull out your favorite comedy, or book or your favorite show and just indulge yourself in laughter.  This should be done on a daily basis if not very regular basis.  They say misery loves company. Don't give it the company it loves. Instead invite laughter. Do away with the misery as quickly as possible, don't allow it to linger around. We may then find it difficult to get rid of. Laughter is universal. Watch this video to see what I mean. I hope this video in this blog made you laugh as it was intended to do.  Everybody feels good, so go on  have a good laugh. It's truly the best medicine!!