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Monday, May 4, 2015

Re-Thinking Motivation

The word motivate comes from  a word that means motion or move and influence to action. Why is it so important  that we stay motivated or on the move?  One primary reason is  movement is life. It's no wonder then that we got to keep on moving.  But is motivation really the prime thing?  How is one to stay motivated when things around us stop?  The challenges we face and the set backs we experience in life  cause us to slow down in our motion. Mentally we can become so overwhelmed and we freeze so to speak. We all know that no one is motivated 100 percent of the time. The opposite of motivation is discouragement. This is what we fight against most of the time.  Our mind and heart is willing but we find our bodies not able to move. As extraordinary people we can never allow this. Because this is the thing that keeps us extraordinary. Have you ever thought about what it is that keeps us in our same routine day after day? Have you noticed how you find your self doing the same thing at the same time everyday or night?  I've done that all my life you'll say.  You probably have and probably without much effort. It's like second nature.  Life has taught me that we have to look at motivation from a different angle. You may say a different angle, how so? Almost anything can be looked at from different angles. And what is the end result?  Is it not the same thing?  Absolutely, just another way of viewing the same thing. It doesn't change what the situation or thing is. Same situation just viewing it differently. But now how do we relate this to motivation? Well getting back to the question I asked earlier what is it that keeps us doing our same routine day after day after day?  Is it not just simply habits?  Yes habits, the art of doing something over and over again until it becomes so ingrained in us that we cant discontinue. And there are some habits so deeply entrenched in us that we cant break them even if we wanted too. We can have both good habits and bad. So hopefully these are good habits or we may have a problem of another sort. If we can form good daily habits of doing the slightest thing to the most beneficial thing we wont have to worry about staying motivated. We will be doing things we really need to do on a daily routine basis because of it now becoming a habit. So what's better than motivation? A habit is. Having good habits is better than being motivated.  Can you agree with that? So actually motivation is slightly overrated.  Because again it's impossible for one to be motivated 100 percent of the time. We all lose motivation from time to time. But what about habits? When was the last time you lost your habit? They are so much  easier to maintain and continue doing, and that could be good or bad. But it's the truth. They take no motivation but rather take place naturally. So in a nutshell, one way we can all stay motivated is to form good life long habits. Our good habits will not let us down.  And the good things about habits is they can be acquired. It's been said that if you do something for 26 day's in a row, it becomes a new habit. They seem to be performed whether we want too or not. Most times we don't event think about them we just do them.  Habit's. So,look at motivation from the angle of it  being a habit and teach yourself new one's. They will keep us moving or if you will, motivated!