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Monday, October 27, 2014

EBOLA- As I see It !!

Ebola, the most understated  epidemic of the 21st century!!  This is not a normal blog for my over 50's. But today I wanted to share with them  something that's on the minds of many.  That's putting into perspective the Ebola Virus epidemic from my own personal viewpoint.  In spite of the devastating footage the media has displayed, the horrific stories of individuals and families whose lives have been touched by it, here and abroad  and even more extreme the victims  whose lives that was abruptly snuffed out by this deadly disease. Not to mention the stories in the media to control its spread, whats being done to prevent an outbreak in this country, protocol to follow, research for vaccines etc. etc.,  it still  remains one of the most understated epidemics of our time. There remains many unanswered questions such as how it is spread in the natural environment?  Disaster's, whether human or natural up to the present times has been measured in terms of the lives it claims.  Such as the Spanish Flu or the Flu of the 20th century. It wiped out nearly 5% of the worlds population. It was deemed the greatest medical holocaust ever. Does the Ebola carry that same quality potential? The Ebola Virus is an extremely highly transferable flu.  It has very similar symptoms and many of the same as did the flu of 1918, including the time or season of the outbreak. Many similarities  exist between the two, frightfully so !! The real truth about the Ebola has not been fully exposed to an already fearful public.  But knowing the truth could cause a new kind of panic of epic proportions. Something like what would be considered a perfect panic and could change the life the way we know it today.  Putting the Ebola Virus into perspective. The Ebola Virus is the Spanish Influenza of the 21st  century. The Ebola is not a new virus but has been on the scene for nearly 40 years.  The world is now experiencing an outbreak that has claimed the lives of two and a half times of people in the last twelve months than it has claimed in the last nearly 40 years since it's discovery in 1976. Its much smaller on the worlds territorial scale, but just as deadly with the fatality rates up to 83% and climbing of those who contacted it. Whereas the fatality rate of the Flu epidemic was 20% of those who contacted it. These statistics makes the Ebola itself even more deadly.  The government has decided to quarantine individuals who have had  some kind of contact with an infected person so as to keep the cost down in treatment of those with the potential threat of contacting the disease as well as to  decrease the spread.  Thus making Ebola inherently a matter of money or cost.  In recent news a health worker was put into quarantine as a result of close contact although showing no symptoms  threatened to sue due to the conditions of the confinement and was released as a result.  This release was in spite of the fact the required amount of time for isolation had not been met. What kind of message does this send to the public? It tells me that in this situation, irregardless of the threat possibly present, that the threat of being sued takes first place. The ugly truth is Ebola is a natural war on health. More threatening even than most know it to be. The cost and casualties unknown. Without containing this deadly disease, it has the potential to become in statistics the same as the Spanish Flu (Flu) nearly one hundred years ago.  Could the world ever recover? The slightest ray of hope that remains is that pathogenic  viruses become less lethal with time. We can only hope and pray that this will be the case with the Ebola.  So even tho the Spanish Flu is gone but certainly not forgotten and just maybe rearing its ugly head in this latest epidemic with a new name "The Ebola Virus."