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Friday, October 31, 2014

On Discipline

They say hind sight is 20/20. Given  the chance, who of us wouldn't go back and do a few things a little differently?! We all make the statement and say if I knew then what I know now, I would have done it this way.  We could have never known then what we know now. That's what makes us extraordinary. We only acquire this wisdom once we are over fifty. Unfortunately,we can never go back. By now we have reaped what we have sown.  A society of poorly disciplined people who will learn only as time passes by and maybe never learning at all.  Young parents as a whole seem to fall short in this area. Discipline  for the young is in poor supply and quality. This is a job that once the training is done, the job is over. Taking the priceless advice from the experienced (over 50)is never an  option. No one wants to be told how to discipline their children. Why?! I don't know. So we just keep our mouth shut and mind our own business. As we watch the next generation grow in disrespect, irresponsibility and laziness. There is too much permissiveness and there seems to be a role reversal in the home. Children are taking on the role of the parents in their actions. Parents are allowing this to happen. I overheard a conversation this week between a parent and a minor and I hope and pray that it was not a blast from the past of me and a minor in my charge. Children should not be talked to like the command their being given is optional or even negotiable. We love our children and always want them to be happy. We did or do what we think is/was best. Having their best interest at heart sometimes meant that we could not always be friends. It still means that, even as adults. Children need firm discipline or training and honesty. What we can't teach them, life will. Except it wont be kind,gentle or loving.  I heard it said once that: "A bad experience is better than good advice." There may be some truth in that statement. It may be the only chance left for those not properly trained to learn something beneficial.  The best thing about this for us is, that most of us over 50 now does not have to deal with this issue of discipline. Its behind us. But we can share with those who will allow us the things we know and perhaps save some from having regrets or making the same mistakes we did.