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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Technology, a wonderful thing. Its why we are where we are today!!! Without it life would be very complicated. For we would still be riding a  horse and buggy. Using candles for light, and getting up to turn the channel on the TV.  God forbid, what would would happen then!? The most widely accepted form of change in technology with no talked about negative side effects.  Modern conveniences, yes that's right, they make our life so easy so quickly. We get so dependent on them its scary.  Our smart phones, computers, laptops, seat belts . How did folks of the past generations get along without them?!?! But at the same time technology can be so intimidating.  Now the term  latest technology to many of us over fifty it is just plain frightening. We find it intimidating just to operate a VCR, well now that's  become obsolete, its the DVD player. Technology changes so quickly we cant keep up with it.  Forget about the smart phone, the tablet! We act as though we may be bitten. Well I know for sure the smart phone or the tablet don't  bite.  And the smart phone is not so smart, if it rings, it doesn't know how to answer itself either.Then we have this morbid fear of change and worry  the towers  will stop picking up signals,( I swear some of that's happening right now). Or the computer might crash and everything we have will be frozen.  We have to view latest technology as a sign  of the changing times.  And we must change with the times. Technology has always been the same, it has always bought something new and improved. Have to admit that some of the side effects can be scary.  Even to our parents, the latest technology represented a threat to their comfort or to what they were use to. Truth is Technology is a very good thing. Its our friend. Think of the pluses , we live longer as a result of latest medical technology,  our homes are more convenient and comfortable  as a result of modern technology,(oh those big screen TV's and theater seats !), we get information a lot quicker and we can travel faster. We even live more secure.  All due to the latest in technology  in different areas.  So let us embrace the ever changes technology will continue to bring to our lives.  Not fearing it but rather moving, growing and sharing as much as we can as a result of it. Technology is our friend, none of its too difficult to grasp.  Through the use of it, some of us maybe  even able to fulfill something on our bucket list. Now that's a good thing!!