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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Think Fit !!!

While being extraordinary is great, but that doesn't make us fit.  Fitness is one of our greatest challenges. A challenge we all must conquer.  It is also one of our best allies. Because its our helper or supporter for good health, which promotes longevity.  Recent studies show women to be the most health conscience in their fifties.   We get regular screenings and taking part in activities regularly such as walking,spinning, swimming, changing eating habits, lifestyles and more. Studies have shown and proven  the greater risk in unwanted Illness's  are through inactivity and weight gain.  This is the age where the metabolism slows down and the pounds are much easier to pack on and making it  much more difficult to lose weight.  We know movement is life, no matter what the diagnosis is, we can educate our self  and find an exercise program that's suitable for our condition.  Remember, we are on a mission and  ain' t no stopping us now, we are on the move.  The single most thing we can do to lose weight and keep it off  is to exercise.  So lets buddy up, get on the road to fitness, develop healthy eating habits, remember change starts in the mind. Take time out to relieve stress and really learn how to nurture our well being.  Because we can!!!  Id love to here about your new fitness goals, please share!!