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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Laughing !! LOL

Make the sounds and movements of the face and body that show amusement! Suggest the feeling of joy!!! That's how the dictionary defines laugh .  Hello  my over 50's and extraordinary, I hope you're laughing or at least laugh often. Its such a feel good thing! Did you know that when you laugh, it massages your insides?!? And a massage is oh so so wonderful !  There is so many things in life that will make us do just the opposite. But we have to search out the amusement and joy, really seek it. If we don't we will lose our laughter. That would be tantamount to losing the sun of our body. Its our light and needs to be shared. Being joyful keeps us healthy and youthful. We will attract happy people, yes its contagious, it spreads. I remember once when I was younger, I acquired a really good friend through laughing. That was all it took. She always told me, "I loved your laughter". Nothing feels better than being in the company of  joyful happy people.  Its the group people are looking to join. So when we really seek something , we go after it.  So whatever it is that you find funny, make time for it. Do you remember the little section in readers digest book called 'laughter is the best medicine".  I found that section to be so amusing and I loved reading the short stories so full of humor. Some of which I will never forget. You can hardly find that little paperback book in that form today. Yes laughing is good for our soul.  We need to always see the funny side of the street. It doesn't have to be sunny. Consider the lighter side of things, if we do we will feel so much better.  So try these tips: "How to laugh more" 1. If a person makes you laugh, call them more often. 2. Read a funny story, watch a funny movie 3. Watch a funny video (youtube is full of them) 4. Ponder the funny things that have happened in your life and laugh again. 5. Read a spoof on your adversity,such as " The joy of being broke" by Ben Goode  6. Laugh together with your mate  more often. 7. Buy tickets to see your favorite comedian. 8. Play a sweet joke on a loved one. 9. Go to an amusement park. 10. Try an activity that always give you a thrill, like tobogganing or a roller coaster. Try these and tell me what you think!!!! I hope you laugh!!!