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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Resentment- To Have Or To Have Not ?

Welcome back to my Blog, my over 50's, Hope your day is going well! You know I was thinking the other day about this word.  Resentment. So I thought I'd do a blog on it.  At the moment I was feeling a little annoyed about general stuff.  The more I thought about it the worse I felt.  So I came to the conclusion that it is better to have not than to have. Resentment, that is.  It puts a hold on everything, nothing can move forward as long as resentment is a part of it. Relationships cant progress, it can actually cause a marriage to fail. Its like a ball and a chain, no matter how you would like to move ahead its a constant restraint (IF you don't let it go). It keeps you back. Its an awful feeling because you replay over and over in your subconscious the injury or  insult and those same feelings pop up every time. And you feel the exact pain every time it comes across your mind.  That's mental abuse. Its an assault against your own body. I thought to myself, what's the difference between someone assaulting me or me assaulting myself?  An assault is an assault no matter how you look at it.  BUT actually me assaulting myself is far worse.  I am learning that when we hold on to resentment we are hurting our self more than anyone else. LET IT GO! IT IS TRULY BETTER TO HAVE NOT! Being Over 50 and extraordinary has taught us these kind of lessons in life. So lets learn to benefit from the things we have been taught.We can only flourish in the absence of it. We need to forget and move forward. Resentment is a thought process, we need to change our thinking. That calls for humility and making adjustments on our part. We need to laugh sometimes in the face of adversity. That will help us to get through it. By now we should have learned that it is not worth it. So free yourselves and continue living the extraordinary life you've earned!! Agree or disagree? let me know, follow me on facebook at: #jogates.