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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Extraordinary in Wisdom !!!

Ahhhh, wisdom, what a wonderful word!! By the time we are over 50 and extraordinary we have acquired so much wisdom. This wisdom keeps us mentally and emotionally stronger. The ability to use the knowledge we have learned in life is now a real asset. Others notice it too. Don't you know what you like with out having to think twice about it?!? They've come to know we don't care what they think.  Many find our stance intimidating. With the the knowledge we now possess, we know the sky's the limit. When I was younger , I use to think women over fifty were old. I never knew they had so much to offer. I now realize how young I really am. I'm just getting started.  There is so much more to life for us. We finally learn to let go resentments, and know  there is wisdom in that. Something we couldn't understand long ago. We have a lot of wisdom to share, we make the best mentors. For the younger women, we are super role models with five decades of life experience behind us. How many others can say that?  Women over 50 have no shame, we see the  humor in our own imperfections. What a feeling!!  As the saying goes: " dance like nobody's  watching and sing like nobody is listening! " Now for once in our life , we have the world eating out of our hand.  And it feels grand !!  So if you haven't done away with the traits of the ordinary, fuel those powers from within and become one of who you are "the extraordinary" and live life well. Ladies, don't deprive yourself, you've earned it!!