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Sunday, October 26, 2014

On Happiness !!

Isn't it funny that before we were over fifty and extraordinary our view of happiness was what we now consider a silly fantasy?? Maybe so, but I loved what I dreamed what happiness would be for me. Happiness for most was always some future reality. I often  remember hearing so often the statement "I'll be when.... Whether it was for a new job, weight loss, vacation etc. etc. etc.  Well one thing we have learned for sure that happiness is quite clever. It eludes most everyone.  Or does it really? Were we happy and didn't realize it? Or was it just our perspective of what happiness is  all wrong? One good thing about growing older , like fine  wine,we  get better and better.  They say hindsight is 20/20. Because we see things truly from different perspective.  We accept the reality of things and we kinda lose the dream.  Or at least we put it in a different perspective. At our age we kinda reconsider what happiness is. Happiness and its meaning has changed greatly since I was a younger woman. Its now good health, safety and well being of our loved ones and things like these. Its not what we would have called happiness then but it certainly is now.  So my friends strive to be happy, if we could just have whats its turned out to be, happiness can no longer elude us.  So if you know what happiness in to you, clap your hands!