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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Encouragement & Praise

Encouragement and Praise go hand in hand. When we give others praise they are encouraged by it. Encouragement is something we all need a little bit more of. But also something we as extraordinary people can impart to others. We can and should take the lead in doing so. At our stage in life now, we have learned how important this is. We have either had the right amount of encouragement we needed or we have suffered the lack of it. When we encourage, it stimulates others to work harder in their personal efforts. It also boost the moral of the ones closest to us. It will  improve our relationships. It will let others know we approve of them. And approval is something that is needed by others to help them thrive. With all the things lacking in the world today, giving encouragement or commendation to others  is among one of the greatest.  Recently, I heard of  a person of authority on a job just rip up one of its hard working employees in the present of others employees for no valid reason. I felt more sorry for the person of authority than did the one he ripped apart. And so did he. A person who cant give encouragement but rather discourages is one who is probably starving for encouragement himself.  And as the saying goes misery loves company. When we find our selves making others miserable or rather discouraging rather than encouraging we are not treating others the way we want to be treated. Life is gonna deal us some bad hands sometimes anyway. But when things are going okay, lets keep a positive word in our heart for others. And when we find ourselves in need for encouragement, that kind word will be returned to us. None of us are perfect, but its true some of us just try harder. We need to give people the praise they deserve, some work really hard for it. And the benefit is when given they will work even harder. A little praise goes a long way. It changes attitudes. If we want to live out out days with as little stress as possible we need to be encouraging. Lets try an experiment . For the next 90 days, offer a word of encouragement to one or more persons daily.  At least one.  By the end of the 90  days, lets re-examine our relations, our mentality and see just how much it has improved. By then encouraging others will have become a habit. The positive things we say to others will be fed to us as well. So by giving it , we will get it right back. We are encouraging, that's one of the things that makes us extraordinary!!!! Try it for ninety days and share how it has changed your life!!!!