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Friday, November 21, 2014

Extraordinary in Sickness and Health !!

In sickness and in health. I know that's a phrase everyone is all so familiar with. But I'm not talking about the cliche that goes along with the marital vow. But rather literally when we as extraordinary people have to deal with a health issue.  This is something that causes a great deal of anxiety.  As we reach fifty and over, it seems that declining health is in the horizon and that a new bodily pain occurs every day. We start saying to our selves, "ohh,  owie, what's that!!!" Then we start seeing two guy's. Arthur Ritis and Bur Sitis. And before you know it, shortly after the introduction we start sleeping with them. Yes, because of Arthur Ritis, and Bur Sitis ,we need a new friend Ben Gay. If it were not for Ben Gay, Arthur Ritis and Bur Sitis would be impossible to deal with together.  Now we have  become a dynamic trio. But, if it was just the two of them, it wouldn't be so bad.  I'm just here making light of something that causes adversity and to laugh in it's face. Because if we don't , we may cry instead. But if we are to be extraordinary in sickness, we need to do just that. In time other things may come up. Some very serious or even life threatening. Just thinking about these possibilities can cause us a degree of stress.  How do we cope? What should be our mind set on the subject? I have a dear friend who is now coping with such an issue. And I mean truly coping.  A very extraordinary individual. When I spend time with her, if I just didn't know of  her particular situation, I would not be able to tell. Our friendship and care for each other has not changed.  I see a strength in Her that I never saw before. She never complains and because of our close friendship, She spends more time in talking with me about my own issues, which are so much more less significant than her own and asking about others. I really admire her for this, although I cant understand how she does it. She has her good days and bad days. Of which I have to ask her what kind of day is she having?  She responds, "Everyday is a good day".  I've noticed how positive she has become or perhaps has always been, but I have never noticed as profoundly as I have now.  She sees the glass as half full.  She greets me  as she always have, with a hug and a smile. I know we can never really know how we would be under similar circumstances. But it seems keeping a positive attitude about life and others is good therapy. We need to develop the habit of being positive now. I've also  learned if we keep thinking about others, we don't have time to pity our self. If we cant move, physically, then we need to keep moving mentally. Movement is life.  She has become a great role model. She has taught me that we can never become stagnant. If we do, we are giving in to whatever it is.  This would be a great downfall. It's been said that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. We need to recognize that what happens is such a little part of our life. Really! If we are to be extraordinary in both sickness and health, then this is the attitude we need acquire.  Her example has shown me that no matter what side of the coin we are dealing with we can still cope. It is possible. We can deal successfully with it. Our mind set should never change. Extraordinary people are mentally strong and very positive. We have a strong support team, each other. So be extraordinary in sickness and in health has nothing to do with a wedding vow. But has everything to do with being ready, willing and able to accept and face with bold courage the challenges that comes as we continue to grow graciously in mind and spirit. You are all in my heart and mind! I'm so blessed to have her as a friend. I hope she read's this blog. And my dear friend if your are reading this blog, I just want you to know that you are the wind beneath my wings and  truly my SHE-RO !!