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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Friendship, a very close relationship in support of another person. A wonderful thing. I think it could almost be called a marriage of sorts. They really should last till death do friends part.  But like marriages they break up. The closest friends makes the worst enemies, so they say. But why is that? What is it about the bond of friendship that once its broken can be very volatile ?  Probably the fact that when we are close, we share everything. Our dying secrets. All the pinkie swears. Completely exposing our self to them.Things we would not dare share with the world. Now that the friendship has ended we feel so violated.We cant take back the things they know about us our families or the things we have done in support of them. Now we are angry. Its like love and hate, a very thin line. An extraordinary person I once knew told me that friends were harder to gain the older you got. I don't know if I agree with her, but there may be a measure of truth in that statement. But I would think the older we got, we would be a lot wiser when it came to choosing our friends. When we were young and we first began to make friends, our friends meant the world to us. It never occurred to us that they would or could  one day hurt us. But when they did, remember how crushed and betrayed we felt?! arghhh!! I remember it well. But as we matured and grew older we soon learned that everyone calling himself a friend is not necessarily a friend. So as a result we lose many along the way. But a bible proverb says, there is one friend that will stick closer than a brother. Fortunately, I still have a friend I have been close to for nearly fifty years. She is the funniest thing. She makes me laugh today the same way she made me laugh nearly fifty years ago as lil kids. I cherish that friendship because it has stood the test of time. A friendship like that is very rare. The same as a marriage today lasting fifty years or more a rare thing. But both truly are blessings. Friends, how many of us have them?? Friends we can really depend on, ol faithful ones as they say. Whats makes a good friend? Certainly not a computer click. A true friend is someone we spend time with. One who we can talk to confidentially as well as honestly. Someone we show genuine care for and who we treat the way we want to be treated. They should be people of all ages and backgrounds. And since nobody's perfect, we all need to be forgiving. So I think a good friend can be made anytime in life, no matter how old or young we are. We just need to extend our circles at the same time being selective in our choosing. Can we be friends?! Please post a comment if we can be friends.  I'd love to become friends!!!