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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Changes, everything changes. Change is good. And acceptance of the things that change is healthy for us.  That's what keeps life and the world so interesting. But once we are over fifty and beyond, the word itself changes and now the new word for changes is Transitions.  It takes on a whole new meaning for us, because now we may be touched personally by it due to a new or changing circumstance in our life.  Any new life event, from a change of life birth baby to death of a spouse. We may need to leave things that were once very comfortable  and secure for us. It may be our job, our home our life style. Even more profound living without a loved one. Suddenly change becomes very frightening for some. I've seen many go through different transitional periods. Some handled it well, others not so well. Now that I'm over 50  I have found that mental preparedness is a real good thing. Especially for the inevitable. These kind of transitions, no matter what are not easy. There are all kinds of  advice and self help books for these transitions.  But as most things in life, a lot easier said than done. I feel now is the time where human compassion really need to be put into play. Others need to be good listeners. Having a confidante helps. No matter what the transitions is when we have someone to talk to about it makes it a little easier.  We need to tell people what we need and not have them tell us.  My mother used to say a closed mouth never gets fed. And people can't read our mind. For sure we are all going to face them, I think this becomes a realization when we become one of the extraordinary people. Because now we know we have reached a plateau in life and we most likely wont live as long as we have already.  The truth is we have been transitioning every single day of our lives. With changes that we have openly welcomed, but now the new changes we experience  at this stage of our lives are met with fear and challenges.  Life changes take place everyday no matter what.  Having a strong sound mind could be of great benefit to us if we give it a little forethought. Transitions shouldn't frighten us today no more than they did twenty years ago. But they might. We have to remain mentally strong and self confident that come what may, we can and  will be successful at coping with it.