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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Talking, just like listening is an art. Either we do it really well or we are just so so. That would include talking to our inner self as well as to others. Talking is not always easy. Putting our feelings and ideas into to words remains still quite a task.  Even for us extraordinary people. And  if we are not so challenged our self in  this area, then there is just getting the other party with whom we are trying to converse to hold up their end of the  conversation.  I've learned finally at my age that it is so vitally important to learn how to talk. It is something we will have to do for the rest of our lives. What kind of conversation will we be having? Will we build up,or will we tear down?  What will be our topics? Some things should never be talked about with  certain people. Therefore we should be wary of gossiping or even listening to gossip. It actually in my opinion show us  to be weak individuals. When learning an art, it  is something we want to do well.  We want our influence to be positive on others. I have seen the effect of catty remarks, they are not good. So much these past decades have taught me.  My biggest challenge is learning how to use the things I've learned in a way that will make me the role model I would like to be. I'd like to encourage all the extraordinary people to do the same. Verbal jabs could knockout any relationship worth keeping. Its been said that our speech could stab like a sword. But it has also been said that when a person can talk to us  to the point of feeling understood by us, its equivalent to giving them air.  That's a profound statement. It's actually saying that we kill a person figuratively when they don't feel understood by us, it's like cutting off their air supply. This is not something that we would intentionally do.  We all know how our speech should up build rather than tear down.   Let's remind ourselves that we have all learned this art of talking.  Applying the  things we have learned about this art is what makes us extraordinary. We know there is no need to learn it the hard way anymore.  Winning in a verbal conflict is never important.  Our goal is to be understood by others and to understand them. The bible says" as an apple in gold carvings, so it  the word spoken at the right time." In this way we wont hurt feelings and destroy the very relationships we want  to hold dear to us. So to learn the art of talking, the art of listening must come first.  Sometimes we learn this a little late in life. Sometimes it takes decades. The point is its never to late to learn something new. After all better late than never. Especially if its something that could benefit us going forward. Just something I had been reflecting on I wanted to share with you. Hope you agree, share your opinion. I'd love to hear it.