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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maintaining Self Esteem !

Self esteem. Something so vital to our very existence. Even more so now that we have become extraordinary. This is something we need to maintain in high quality. We now have a role in boosting it in others  especially our young who will one day become over fifty and extraordinary.  Yes, that's right our job is ongoing. We have to infuse this strong mental power in others. In whomever our lives continue to touch. This blog goes along with my blog on loving thy self. With the proper measure of it , we can move figurative mountains. With too little of it, it can rob us of our very life. It can take away our joy without us not really knowing its the culprit. Its invisible, but it manifests itself in our outward attitude. This like many other things is a mind set. We have to believe first in our self and that we can and we are important. We are the same person we have always been just older and wiser. Even so, many today lack this important quality. Where does it come from? And how do we acquire it? Its one of those things that starts at home. It's been fed to us from our environment and the people who have shared it with us. From our closest associates whose influence have had the greatest impact on our life. Our parents, friends and relatives.  Do we need more of it? I remember times in my life when I had a great deal of it and then there were times when not nearly enough of it were present. Well I've learned the good thing about self esteem is that it can be lifted up. It can grow at any stage of life. Not only in self , but we can be instrumental in helping it to grow in others. This is part of our role as mentor's and  role model's. We help contribute to building a strong happy healthy mental society.  A society of which we are now the leaders. To gain more we all have to change our thinking. It's been said if you change your thinking you change your life. Sometimes it will take constant mental adjustment's in many areas. It doesn't matter if it's something we never had enough of yesterday.  Tomorrow we can be on our way to having plenty. Let's keep it in big supply. We need too. How? By thinking positive of self and others, giving praise and commendation and encouraging others. I guess my pondering this thought, it taught me that in the game of life the rules never change and never really will. It's always been the way we play the game. What will change is the quality of life we give our self when we play hard and correct. And by playing fair and square to our self and then to others. Playing fair in this way will naturally boost our self esteem and keep it there. Now is not the time to let our self esteem diminish. Have a wonderful day my over fifty and extraordinary people!! You really are SUPER!!