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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love Thy Self

I remember  being taught as a little child by my mother who always said," Everything starts at home and then spreads abroad". At first I didn't understand this statement, it took me a while. She was trying to teach me and my siblings that  the most important things needed to be practiced at home among each other and than we would spread the goodness to others beyond our household. I often think of that statement when it comes to being kind to yourself.  Does not the golden rule say," Do unto to others as you would like others to do unto you. YOU are the primary person of that phrase. We all want to be treated with kindness and consideration, but reflecting back so many times, we lose sight of  our self. We are sure to show kindness to others but fail to love thy self. I'm not saying that we should not be self sacrificing and put others needs in front of our own. There are times when this is necessary but certainly not all. But in order to love other people really well we need to love thy self first. Just because we have grown into extraordinary people over fifty our needs have not changed. Is passion only for the young? Not by long shot. By loving our self we assure that we will get the things needed most for us as individuals. Whether  that be the putting our self first and making others wait. Indulging our self in some type of luxurious treatment. Taking that day off when you have the time and been wanting to.  Not holding back when we know we are deserving. I've learned as well as noticed that others will love us only as much as we love ourselves.  Its kinda like self respect, we need to show respect for self then others will be prompted to do the same. A boss will respect us more when we show we are not gonna allow our self to be treated unfairly.  By the way we speak up for  ourselves  to the way we enter into a room will determine the way others treat us and respect our needs and desires. When we love thy self , we show we are worthy to have the things we deserve. And  others are quick to give it to us. But when we don't, then the natural tendency is to allow others to short change us and they will, especially the ones closest to our hearts.  When we have self love we wont allow others to take advantage of us.  Life has taught me that we only gain the love and respect of others when we show love and respect our self. Yes!!Love Thy Self !! Everything starts with us. We say I am somebody by doing so.  It keeps our self esteem in  the right place. And when we love our self we wont go unnoticed. Every one will see.  And the happier we will be for doing so!!!