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Saturday, November 8, 2014

On Marriage !!

Marriage, can be a wonderful thing. Two becoming one. Till death do you part.  Although there have been many challenges. I love the state of being married.  Not all can  say that. Because for many, once we find ourselves over fifty we have have experienced a lot of changes in this department. Perhaps we have been divorced or separated. Experienced more than one marriage, widowed or presently married. This is the biggest commitment in our life. And should always remain that. I believe everyone goes into it with the best intentions.  Hoping and wishing all their fairy tale dreams will come true. What does it really mean to become one?!  Looking back on the experiences that have been fed into my life and watching things others have experienced, is that some don't take their  vows seriously enough. To be one with anything means to be in the same line of thought and agreement. That's what makes us one. This is a challenge and can be quite difficult to do being that backgrounds and cultures differ. The way we are raised and the things we are taught to believe. This grand commitment it  is not fully realized. So as a result marriages end in divorce.  Inspite of the circumstances that separate the two. Its an inborn desire of  most to want to belong to another or have someone to share their life with. This is because in the beginning, it was said by the originator of marriage: "It is not good for man to continue alone, I am going to make a helper for him, to complete him".  Or  compliment him. We compliment our mates.  So now we are over fifty, we find ourselves alone and to remarry or stay single is the question. Perhaps we have made mistakes in this area in the past.  But mistakes is just hard evidence that we did try. Hind sight is 20/20. We cant believe that since it failed once, it will happen again. Whomever we choose to marry again, we cant go into it with the idea, if it don't work out we will just get a divorce. We are now older and wiser. Our choices are now built on stronger foundations. We have come to learn what it means to be fully committed to someone.  For better or for worse! Lets explore that phrase, it means your life and everything in it may become better as a result of marrying this person or it may become worse. That's what we agree too. We hope for the best. And we cope with the worse. That's it. Studies have found that married people live longer. Their lives have richer meaning. So as an extraordinary person and you have the chance to begin again, take that chance. Why not???   Companionship is good for our souls. We are never to old for anything.  We gotta learn to live life like we have never been hurt. Yesterday is past, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift, that's why they call it the present!!! Everyday is a new beginning for all of us!!  We should never stop living life to the fullest, no matter what circumstances we find  ourselves in.  It is a personal choice and it should be respected. But I do believe it is something that will bring all of us a great deal of happiness for the right reasons.  Living life to the full will keep us extraordinary people strong!!!!  Let me know my over 50's, what's your view of marriage after fifty!!!!!!