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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Staying Motivated

Motivation, a strong word. I was thinking about this word the other day. It was the end of the day and I had only done half the things I wanted to do. I still desired to do yet more. I wasn't even as exhausted from the day's activities. I just had no drive to continue. In me I felt what I thought  was a strong will to act. Isn't that what motivation means? Move to action, or encourage, or stimulate, whatever! I thought I was motivated because I strongly desired to get these things accomplished. By now in our life we have done so much between raising kids, working a job still, taking care of house and home and other peoples needs till we have become exasperated and  downhearted. And just the thought of going through the motions of doing certain things we have done forever is now too much
 to consider. Like cooking a meal.  I learned quickly that there is a thin line between having a strong desire to do a task and being motivated to do it.  Have you ever felt that way?  Being motivated takes more than just having a strong desire. It takes real action on our part and  self discipline. Discipline is remembering what we want.  It also takes real earnest effort, because it's so easy to say mentally to just forget it and we put it off. That doesn't mean our desire to have it accomplished changes. This makes us sad or it makes me sad. When we are not motivated to get things done, it's kinda like a mental illness. It affects us through and through. You can even sometimes feel it physically. It's our mind we need to get motivated for us to will and to act. Although balance is needed as in everything, It's so important to keep moving and being active. We need to be effective people. How or what helps us to remain effective people?!  I once went to see a motivational speaker, actually I saw a few in my life time. Zig Ziggler was one of my favorite, cute and extremely witty and  over fifty and extraordinary.  I have  forgotten some of the things He said that day. But whatever it was it worked. I remember coming home and being so fired up and enthused for a time. He had already reached over fifty and extraordinary and Zig found it no harder to laugh after fifty then he did  before. Exuberant  and  Extraordinary Zig was. It was Zig  who made me take a closer look at this profession of motivation  in a very positive light. He was so refreshing.  He stated the age old phrase: "Don't put off for  tomorrow what you can do today!!" The number of hours  in a day has not changed. It's life and circumstances that slows us down naturally. It can burn us out if we allow it. Some times we all need a little boost to get us going.  Choosing a strong mentor in the motivational field will help us. There's is still too much ahead of us.  Staying motivated is essential to our mental and emotional well being. We need to recognize that there are just some things we cant do on our own, no matter how good it is for us to do it.  Zig Ziggler is a fine choice as a mentor, He was for decades known as number one in America when it came to motivation. Check him out and there are others as well when you feel you could use a boost. Everyone needs a little recharging now and then, even extraordinary people like you and me.  This short video is featuring Zig, I want to share it with my Over fifty and extraordinary friends.  It's for your pleasure once again, I hope you enjoy it!